Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

Some Areas of Assessment:

1. Attention and Concentration (focusing and sustainig attention)
2. Perception- Visual and Auditory
3. Processing Speed
4. Memory- Working, Short-term and Long- term
5. Reaction Time
6. Problem Solving Skills
7. Executive Functioning
8. IQ

Some Available Tests:

3. RPM (Raven’s Progressive Matrices)
4. WPPSI (Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence)
5. WISC (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children)
6. WAIS (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale)
7. NIMANS Neuropsychology Battery for Children and Adults
9. CPT (Continuous Performance Test)
10.Number Cancellation Test
11.SFB Test (Seguin Form Board Test)
12.BVRT (Benton Visual Retention Test)
13.TVMI (Test of Visual Motor Integration)
14.BGT, etc.

These assessments have a wide spectrum of application across different areas- Education, industry and personal development.
it can be used to diagnose problems and develop improvement/intervention programs.