Launch into Reading Success

Launch Into Reading Success

Launch into Reading Success provides a programme to teach the phonological awareness skills so critical for the focused word work in the Literacy Hour in Key Stage 1. Phonological awareness has been shown to be critical to longer term reading success. It can be used with children, aged 2 to 12 years, with mild to severe indicators of literacy problems.

Launch into Reading Success provides 66 activity lessons divided into 9 sections. It’s designed to be both teacher friendly and fun for children. It is a carefully sequenced auditory training programme beginning with single words as units of sound and concluding with linkage.
It offers assessment over time (using evaluation and assessment record forms) so that areas of breakdown are pinpointed. It pinpoints the areas where a child might need a specific type of help or simply more help.
We have perason certified practiceners and trainers (who can train other professionals) for LIRS.